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czech luxembourgish exchange exhibition


Vernissage of AKCE! was a fabulous piece of art itself. It started at seven in the Saturday evening and continued till the early morning hours.

Somewhere around the seven Melting Pol started playing as a DJ. He invoked cool and hypnotic reggae vibes with his selection. After him Czech reggae band called 3x-T started their set consisting mainly of their own (Czech) music complete with English lyrics heavily inspired by original reggae artists from Jamaica.

photo of the exhibition #08

The concert was accompanied by animated projection created by 3x-T’s bassplayer koudelka. Angels saving the Earth from the Bigmouth Monster. Everything black and white except some cool effects and distortions added during the projection by Melting Pol – this time a VJ – from his laptop.

After the concert reggae DJ Sharpshooter arrived and started playing which was really very good. Sharpshooter is a Swedish guy living alternately in Luxembourg and Jamaica where he has his wife. In Luxembourg he plays regularly in Radio ARA – every Saturday at 16:00 o’clock – and he invited 3x-T band to play LIVE there, at his show. It really happend; ’s possible to download the recording (mp3) on LX5 website.

Evening was really nice and people seemed not so bored even happy with it!