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czech luxembourgish exchange exhibition

Lenka Reiterová

She-photographer born in 1976 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Education: 2004-2007 Institute of Creative Photography of Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic ; 1996-1999 University of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration ; 1991-1995 Secondary Grammar School Na Pražačce with additional lessons of artwork

Exhibitions: 2007 Akce !@ LX5homebase „Naischt ass schwarz/waiss“, Luxembourg ; 2007 Ex-teriéři, Hospůdka na hradbách (Pub On Enceinte), Prague (+organization) ; 2005 Portraits, Galerie NOD in Prague ; 2004 Without the name, Cinema OKO in Prague ; 2003 Without the name, Cinema OKO in Prague

AKCE !@LX5homebase: She has leavened the Luxembourgish exhibition a bit with fashion. But neither the fashion is black and white because the way how people dress and the trends influencing the society somehow reflect who those people or societies are. Furthermore, Lenka’s installation evoking a „slopwork butique“ was created especially for the Luxembourgish exhibition.