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Jordi Guasti

Italský fotograf žijící ve Frankfurtu, který má k Čechám zkrátka blízko. Pro lucemburskou výstavu nafotil černobílé „továrny“ severočeských měst, jako je Ústí nad Labem, Ostrava. Jeho snímky předkládají továrny jako díla přírody…

Human Nature: Nothing Is Black and White

In the common understanding a distinction is drawn between nature and man : what is artificial is not a product of nature. However, man itself is a natural being. Thus, what man creates is (indirectly ?) natural. Factories, which are usually regarded as symbols of human action, as a functional means of production, are natural. Nature, in broader sense, is all encompassing physical universe. Similarly, factories are rarely associated with beauty. Rather, they are percieved as indispensable artifacts of human growth. The pictures presented here try to challenge these common misconceptions and portray industry and factories as part of the modern landscape. Factories are the results as well as witnesses of man’s actions to a similar extent as art. Their beauty lies in their ability to tell the story of progress and regress : to behold human nature.

Dr. Petra and Jordi di Guasti