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czech luxembourgish exchange exhibition

David Kumermann

Born 1975 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Studied Human sciences and Media Theory (Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences). Now studies still photography (Still photography dpt., Film and TV Faculty, Academy of the Performing Arts in Prague). In his photographic work he concentrates on certain topics for longer time, creating larger documentary essays.

David has chosen his pictures for AKCE ! from a set named „Kladno“ belonging to a field of documentary photography he as a photographer likevise specializes in. He himself tells following about it:

„I took these photographs in one house in Kladno (a town about thirty kilometres away from Prague). All the people that live there were forced to move from their flats for all kind of reasons – in some cases it was their fault (they for example didn’t pay their rents), some just weren’t lucky. And almost all of them were Roma Gypsies, which might also be the reason why they were kicked off their former places. The house is a social living on one hand and a ghetto on the other. It is hard to leave the place, because other flats are expensive and to get a job is not easy with such adresse and with being a gypsy. The people there live hard lives but they are extremely friendly.“