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Alisa Shutová

Alisa Shutova was born in 1987 in Murmansk, Russia. She came to Czech Republic to study photography, and has been working as a personal assistant in Jedlièka’s Institution in Prague (institution for disabled people). She loves her boyfriend Honza, who is very good person and a great teacher. In future, Alisa plans to save the world, buy a dog and quit sleeping till noon every day.

In The Middle of The River
in the middle of the river
there is clear water
the fish live there
strong current above
peace in the deep
often there I stay

„I am in a very tight contact with people I work with. I cannot describe this pohotographic set, I named it In The Middle of The River. Those words express what I feel and how I see the world of ,my wheelchairers‘.“

2007 : Blatna / Fotofestival / In The Middle of The River ; Brno / Galerie Vankovka / Project "Paraple" ; Praha / Vysehrad / Ex-Teriery / In The Middle of The River